Step 1 BDD start to explain

The LifestyleLinking Open Source Project has been ‘live’ for 4 years now, initially years of experimentation to get an application to perform ‘lifestylelinking’.  That is to allow an individual datamine themselves and to connect them with the best personalized content given their view of the world(universe).  How do these words translate into building a User Interface?

Good question. To explore this I have setup a page on Moqups, the LifestyleLinking m0qup. The starting concepts.  Three blocks + Footer.

Identity Top block:
The expression of Identity.  This gives the LL application a life-line into the digital assets that make up an individual.  Hopefully, the Personal Data Locker / Service providers will have empowered all individuals with access to their own data.

LifestyleLinking Ingredients Display:
Given the identity information this needs to be visualised so that it can be use to construct the intention for the individual.  Initially this will be a tagcloud / list of words extracted from their historical attention/identity.

With an intention selected (dragged into the LLflow area is the current UI model being pursued),  ‘LifestyleLinking’ will be performed, this creates a social network between the individual and all other content based upon what they have authored in the past, given the current intention context, information will be displayed.  Initially, blog posts.

A link to the LL open source project and a ‘clone ‘me’ ‘ link.  A reminder that if the individual wishes then new applications can be spawned from this LL instance i.e. initially a link to github repository for developers to install their own LL application and in the future hosted online services complete with data flow.


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