Self engine = suggestions

The code has not been flying so fast this year on the LL OS project as I focus to apply it to the world of sport via the Open Sport Project.  This is providing a niche focus with which to apply the lifestylelinking ideas.  LifestyleLinking does not mean much to most folks straight off the bat so the best two world description would be to call the Lifestylinking Open Source Project as a Self Engine.

And a Self Engine produce suggestions.   Much like a search engine provide results.  I ve written a little more on the term on my blog.

The three biggest trend converging around this market are the quantified self movement, big data and the webs flipping back into decentralisation mode after its silo building phase again.

The Self Engine has a UI that allows the individual to manage their attention and context of their life, aggregation of data, hopefully the open source nature of the project will allow a data plug marketplace of tools both to include different data source and ‘data mining’ techniques, all this done in real time.

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entrepreneurs, collective intelligence open source geek, hill walker, skier and fiddler.
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