datamine me + share

The last post mentioned 2011, we are now in 2012 and I am attending the event in Santa Clara, California.  This is giving the opportunity to share the LifestyleLinking project and its ideas with the data science community.  The way I have been describing the project is that is allows an individual to ‘data mine themselves and share the answers’.  For example data mine your blog posts against Wikipedia definitions, but what definitions there is a lot to select from?  The idea is to crowd source those from existing word clouds an individual has e.g.   delicious social book marking list of words and match those to Wikipedia definitions.  The + share part would them involves those individuals that want to share and thus gain a network effect by including the data mining ‘me’ results from other blogs giving the potential to reach more relevant data on topics of interest to the individual.


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entrepreneurs, collective intelligence open source geek, hill walker, skier and fiddler.
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