Strata Conference winner like LifestyleLinking

If I could only attend one conference in 2011 it would have been the Strata Conference in San Francisco last week. Data, the recent entitling of the Data Scientist, big data and data in the cloud all major themes that I follow.  But small data and having it networked is the vision we hold at the LifestyleLinking project so I was delighted to read on the ReadWriteWeb blog that Singly had won the startup competition running during the conference.

Singly is the commercial venture behind the open source projects of Jeremie Miller, Locker Project and the TeleHash PeertoPeer JSON data exchanging. The projects are people centric and start by giving individuals the ability to collect their own data on the web, stage two allow it to be shared or networked together for those that wish to and lastly allow developers the ability to offer apps to help individuals use their data to improve peoples lives, from restaurants to figuring out how to prevent cancer, diabetes and other heath matters.  It is a vision we adhere to too.   Most of the energy in the LL project started out on figuring out how individual data is connected, but this has meant addressing most of the infrastructure questions of building an application to allow individuals to collect their own data and to create a network, in our case a primitive RDF – Dpedia connection of the people apps. in the network.  With the hope of more developer resources in the ecosystem via these open source projects then hopefully we can spend more time on understanding the data connections (which only get about 20% of the energy right now) and listening to individual needs in permissioning data access, gathering and sharing through a user interface that is useful to people in their daily lives.

More thoughts on this topic from O’Reilly blog and the UgoTrade Blog.


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