Lifestreaming 1-3 years before its back in vogue

The best blog on Lifestreaming that I know is written by Mark Krynsky.  In this blog post he summaries an interview he recorded with David Galernter, the person regarded as the creator of  lifestreaming.  At the end of the post Mark gives his take on things going forward and even make a rare prediction:

“With regards to Lifelogging I am seeing a multitude of dedicated devices and smartphone apps that track all sorts of personal data around exercise, sleep, weight, health, etc. As these devices become better, cheaper, and the data collected starts providing large benefits to improving our lives, we will see adoption of them start to surge. I think these two areas show not only the ways that Lifestreaming could recapture the interest of users, but also provide good monetization options for startups. I don’t often make predictions but I see this starting to happen between the next 1-3 years.”

I think his analysis is spot on but the development and delivery of such services to make his predictions true are being built today and tomorrow with increasing intelligence, sharing and hopefully with growing adoption and  usage.


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