RDF & lifestylelinking

The lifestylelinking – open source project now has some basic RDF in place.  Namely in two places, one for the lifestyle definitions (e.g the Skiing RDF page),  primarily to link to dbpedia and Wikipedia semantic web resources and for each lifestyle blog (e.g. for my personal blog RDF page)  a FOAF implementation of the lifestyles contained within the blog.

This is just the first hack to see what opportunities these standards will give users in making their data more accessible and to allow all installations of a lifestylelinking project to communicate with each other to  gather more of the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ data.  Clean urls  need to be built-in but its a start for the lifestylelinking project in contributing to the world of linked data.


About aboynejames

entrepreneurs, collective intelligence open source geek, hill walker, skier and fiddler.
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