lifestylelinking – open source project live

The very first test release of the lifestylelinking – open source project went live today, Tuesday 15h June 2010.

Q. What is the lifestylelinking project all about?

A. It is a framework to explore how all life is connected?  Information is the currency of communication but how it is all linked together is still mainly a puzzle.  The project has started by looking at blog posts, images and video on the WWW and by making up a ‘science’ to connect all the content with all the individuals online.  The following formulae

C = mP^2.

Context = me – the instance of context of the individual seeking information relative to the context of all other individuals context squared.

I’ll write more on the emerging science in future posts but there are three key mathematics thinking involved.  1. Wisdom of the crowd -the use of averages,  2. Normalization to allow the comparison of ‘apple and oranges’ and 3.  Weighted definitions of words.

Nothing works better than an example to learn from, a lifestylelinking site on Sport and the code runs the website I operate .  I’ll post videos on the control panel use and setting up a lifestylelinking site soon.

The SVN and ZIP of the code is hosted on google code.

It has taken many years and over 2 years coding to get the lifestylelinking idea to this stage and it is great to be able to share the project with the open sourcing of the ideas and the code.


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